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Sergio Tarazona
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The more you train and improve, the more you enjoy seeing your progress in the field.

Our private training sessions are our most successful program. Head coach Sergio has been teaching players from all levels and taking them from park soccer clubs to NPL teams for more than 4 years. (See the testimonies)

We deliver a professional and tailored training program for players who seek success, if you or your children love the game, want to make an EXTRA effort to become a better player, then we can help you.

We don’t have magic tricks but we know that hard work, repetition, commitment, nurturing and key coaching points are the way for players to achieve their goals.

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1on1: 70 aud – 2on1:  50 aud/pp

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  • Sergio Tarazona

    I don’t remember a time growing up when I wasn’t doing anything else than kicking the ball around and my mum telling me to stop playing in the house, I also remember spending countless hours playing soccer in the street with my friends, oh yes! They were the best times… people say “soccer and life are not related, I don’t know what they know about life, but about soccer, they don’t know anything”. Read more...