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It's good to be recognized for being passionate and committed with the personal and football growth of the kids part of Game Day. All start with this statement:

Be a good person before a good player.

We want our players to finish every training session with a smile in their faces and thinking: '' That was fun, challenging and intense''

Kids that get in love with football will never leave it…. that means young adults with values and conscious of the importance of being an active and healthy person.

Our Football style

We want to develop high technical players that understand the game and can bring value to a team.

Our programs are designed to help individuals to improve so they can reach the highest level they deserve.

Our philosophy is based on the game it-self .

A lot of repetition of the core skills in game realistic scenarios; that way we create independent players with the ability to make their own decisions

Whats on 2022

Everything you need to know about the upcoming year activities.

Our Programs

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For Clubs

This program was created to help clubs to build an adequate training program that boost players and coaches skills in medium and long term.

For Coaches / Teams

For those Coaches/ Teams that need guidance and ideas on how to deliver training sessions to get all the potential of their players during the season.



At Game Day Soccer Academy we trully belief that one of the best ways to support our players is also supporting their families; by creating this parents business directory we would like to promote, acknowledge and engage with our community.

Families have said

“Love seeing the passionate coaching at games and during training. Thank you for everything you’re doing and the opportunities made possible "

Teagan H.

“My son Jamerson has been with game day academy since April for goal keeper training and the improvement he has made is unbelievable and my son just loves to go highly recommend Gameday soccer academy ."

Shawn G.

“Michael loves training with Game Day Soccer Academy. The professional and motivated coaches provide a fun environment that teaches specific skill training for players of all levels "

Phil W.

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