In any program, we expect players attending the full program unless otherwise specified at the time of signing up.
If you register for a program, you will be required to pay the full program fee and no refund will be provided due to early termination of the program.
In the event that Game Day soccer academy cancels the program, GDSA will refund that portion of the fees that have not been used, and if the event has been cancelled by GDSA before the event commences, GDSA will refund 100% of the fees paid.


Football is at times a physical, contact sport. By registering my child, I declare that they are fit to participate in all activities. As the parent or guardian of the player, I understand that these programs, activities, games and training elements are hazardous by nature and I assume all risks of injuries arising from participation. I release, indemnify and hold harmless Game day soccer academy and its directors, employees and representatives from any claim, demand or action arising in connection with the player’s participation.
Consent for Medical Treatment/Liability Release – I hereby indemnify Gameday soccer academy against responsibility for any accident, loss or injury suffered by my child/children during the course of these activities. Should at any time Gameday soccer academy or its representatives consider that my child requires medical or hospital treatment, I consent to you obtaining this at my expense
I confirm that I have disclosed all relevant pre-existing medical conditions to the Gameday soccer academy managers. I acknowledge that Gameday soccer academy and its representatives are not medically qualified and will provide medical assistance to the best of their ability if required. In the case that my child has a known potentially life-threatening medical condition such as but not limited to anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes etc.
By registering my kid/s, myself or any player in any program, I permit Gameday Soccer academy to use the player’s picture or likeness in the promotion of Gameday soccer academy programs in printed or electronic media, including the website. I understand all images are optimized for web use to protect the children. I renounce any claims upon Gameday soccer academy for reimbursement for the purpose of this material.
Please advise if you do not wish to receive any further information regarding future programs.