“Training sessions need to be challenging but always remember that it’s also the moment when players forget about everything, they just want to play with the ball”.

”My coaching philosophy is simple: Young players need to enjoy football and the only way they do it, is with a ball in their feet and in a game-related scenario. After the player is in love with the sport, it’s when the discipline and hard work count the most. ”

”I’ve played football at all levels. For four years I played in the top in the Colombian league. Injuries and family issues finished the dream earlier than expected but that never stopped me to keep trying, now still playing in (NPL) but 100% focusing in my coaching career, I have taken the role of head coach of Game Day to share my experience and methodology to the new generation”

Playing career 

Atl. Bucaramanga (Colombia)
Real Santander (Colombia)
Universidad Industrial de Santander ASCUN (Colombia)
Stanmore Hawks (Australia)
Bankstown city lions (Australia)
Gladesville Ryde magic (Australia)

Coaching accreditation and experience:

FFA C Youth and Senior license.

FFA B license pending approval

Game training certificate

Futsal certificate

Atl. Bucaramanga (Colombia) under 14’s to U16’s

Real Santander (Colombia) Under 11’s to U13’s

SAP (all ages)

Youth National premier league

Game Day soccer academy (Director)

In the nearest future: get the UEFA B license in 2021