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Sergio Tarazona
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Goalkeepers play their own game, they could be the saviours or the villain of their teams.
Such a big position needs to have a specialised training session.

Goalkeeper coach, Rafael Rosas has also been appointed as the Goalkeeper coach of Macarthur Rams Fc and 2 more NPL clubs which opens a great pathway for our players.

Accreditations: FFA C license and Goalkeeper licence level 1.

Rafael has in his career 2 professional promotions from second to first division in Colombia with Patriotas FC. His coaching experience has some highlights on a charge of youth and seniors in South America as well as NPL Sap and youth in Australia.

Gameday Goalkeepers method is based on technique, positioning, reaction and very important……… leadership!

This group is where we select our goalkeepers to play in our ACADEMY teams in the Premier academy league.

Nott Oval, Narellan

Magdala Park, North Ryde.

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  • Sergio Tarazona

    I don’t remember a time growing up when I wasn’t doing anything else than kicking the ball around and my mum telling me to stop playing in the house, I also remember spending countless hours playing soccer in the street with my friends, oh yes! They were the best times… people say “soccer and life are not related, I don’t know what they know about life, but about soccer, they don’t know anything”. Read more...
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