Core skills training

Sergio Tarazona
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Course Description

”The game is the teacher” We based our program in the repetition of the core skills in a game situation.

Our core skills program provide players with the ”tools” they need to use in a soccer match.

Core Skills Pillars:

  • Maximize ball contact
  • No waiting time
  • Repetition
  • Individual training in a group environment

GDSA Core skills


-First touch


– 1 v 1

-Agility / Speed


From this program, we select players to represent our teams in the Premier Academy League.


AGES: 7 to 16 years old

Training locations:

NARELLAN AREA: Elizabeth reserve, Narellan Vale, Sydney, NSW

NORTH RYDE AREA: Magdala Park, East Ryde, Sydney, NSW

Cost: 250  Includes:

  • 10 Training sessions
  • Academy training uniform
  • 20% discount for the next school holiday camp.
  • Individual player assesment

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About the coaches

  • Sergio Tarazona

    I don’t remember a time growing up when I wasn’t doing anything else than kicking the ball around and my mum telling me to stop playing in the house, I also remember spending countless hours playing soccer in the street with my friends, oh yes! They were the best times… people say “soccer and life are not related, I don’t know what they know about life, but about soccer, they don’t know anything”. Read more...
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